Prompt: Stealth by Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely


The sun’s light oozed across his body.

Bathing him in relaxing heat.

Creating shadows in the subtle folds in his torso.

Transforming the droplets of sweat in the forest of hair upon his chest into glittering stars.

There is a galaxy of wonders in these stars. Bits of DNA, bacteria, virus.

Yet also a playground of shaft, root, and delicate skin.

May I play with your stars?

May I

Ground your stars against you to reinitiate the battle for supremacy of your being?

I want to witness your triumphant battle,

You aglow in radiant virility.

Your senses slowly returning as the adrenaline recedes.

My breath

Being arrest and handcuffed to pillars and posts.

Yes, I see you, Daddy.

May I add a few stars to your galaxy?

I have knowledge, skills, and training