Wither, wonder, who will be scooped and placed on the altar?

Gene certainly is not worthy. What with all of the dirt, holes, and darkened spots covering his frame. He is unworthy, we’ve decided.

Patti seems a logical choice. Pretty, attractive, and a stunning shade of burnt sienna. However, he belly is blackened and soggy. You certainly could not place her next to the big guy in the lotus position. That would be obscene. Now, me, I’m the clear choice over all that I can see. I’m the color of a brown paper bag and sturdy so you can take all of the dharma home in me. I can take it, wet or dry, heavy or light, just put me to work! Sure, I have spots and the occasional mark. However, the kind lady who grabbed my stem and twirled me around between her fingers told me that I am beautiful. She said that she knew of a place for me on her altar. She wouldn’t dare endanger my beauty by putting me next to one of the candles. So I must be setting at one of the big guy’s hips.