I love my people.
Whether they be laughing, crying, performing, breathing, healing, dealing, evolving, mourning, praying, nearly collapsing upon said casket, popping gum over the casket of a deceased person, or rocking a purple suit with matching loafers.

What’s not to love? There’s a certain flavor, rhythm, and earthiness to our lives and the ways that we live. Be it the strut, the stroll, the pimp walk, or the swaying of our ample asses. From the outside it may seem tacky, uncooth, or melodramatic; but, that’s just us being us.

Like a plate of expertly fried chicken, we go with everything. No occasion is too formal or too casual because we adapt. We can be a scintillating appetizer, an unforgettable entree, or the resilient grains of salt that season the floor of the Middle Passage. the main event, an appetizer, or that special something to garnish your plate. We will bring our spice and roaring reverence for the sacred to any occasion.
“Giving honor to God…” (This is the call out quote).