I don’t know his name.
Yet I know him. It is good to know of him, but Meeting him is only desired by masochists. One guy wanted to know him, actually demanded an audience with him, then hid out for nearly four days when he met him.
I hesitate to name him because it makes it easier for him to visit and overstay any perceived welcome. I don’t want to make it any easier to call or invite him. He does what none of the rest of us will do. Think, yes Dr. No.
Does he serve a purpose? Yes. I’m not proud of it. Yet I wonder if he is actually serving a function, but not his purpose. He has gotten me out of danger, given voice to the harshest thoughts in my mind, and been an avenging angel. He has broken the nose of a would-be rapist, deterred someone seeking to alter the course of my life with a virus.