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Ecotone – Second Take

It was an unseasonably pleasant mid-August morning of 1999 in Bowling Green, Ohio. The humidity was barely noticeable, the sun bright, and the mosquitos surprisingly absent. Good graduation weather, particularly when your cap...

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Ecotone – First Take

The maternal wing of my family arrived in Bowling Green, Ohio five days prior. We’d had hot wings at Fricker’s, a few quick lunches at Frisch’s Big Boy, a quasi-classy meal at Easy Street Café, and a couple of pizzas from...

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Too Good Perhaps

I understand that I must turn my back on perfection to embrace excellence and my sanity. This shift is mine to make. Despite the sense of loss that I feel in ending my search for something that cannot be found, I feel even more...

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Trapped In An Elevator

She’s there. Maybe four feet away. Her mahogany colored complexion contrasting vividly with the matte finished steel wall of the elevator. The scene reminding me of a silver bracelet with dark wood inlays that I didn’t buy. I...

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Heading In

This is not my first time gulping down the barium. I don’t recall it being particularly problematic last time, but I have my moments when I’m very “go with the flow.”I would like a firm diagnosis and a course of action. Some...

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