Category: Nibbles and Nuggets

Gym Rat

The Hound struggled through his second set on the incline bench press machine. He appreciated the assistance that resistance training with machines provided when compared to his normal bodyweight exercises. The bodyweight...

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like home

I love my people.Whether they be laughing, crying, performing, breathing, healing, dealing, evolving, mourning, praying, nearly collapsing upon said casket, popping gum over the casket of a deceased person, or rocking a purple...

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Triggered Centering

With my right arm draped around the commode, I cleaned the left side of the base and floor. I removed the trash can that was nestled between the vanity and the legs of the shelving over the commode. As I wiped the floor and...

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My Dark Side – Part 3

How might i integrate Mr. Lyde into an affirmative future? He is rageful and wrathful more than anything else. But what else could he be? How could my perception of him change to make him redeemable?A wounded beast striking out...

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My Dark Side – Part 2

I will name him Mr. Lyde. It is what my father called me when I was in line for a punishment of some sort.If he is the storm that colonizes a sunny day, then this moniker is appropriate. It’s also “safe” because he is frozen in...

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